About me....


I have been a fitness instructor for 10 years.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life. There are times I'm happy in my own skin and then I'm not. I have jeans that range in all sizes.  I have tried many different fad diets and food prep and have taken/taught anywhere from 2 classes at week to 17.  I truly believe that the scale is just a number, however I know we all depend on that number to feel better.  It goes beyond that, I have finally found something that helps me sleep, boosts my energy and helps me focus.  The added advantage is weight loss and at  my age, on the verge of turning 42 weight loss is so tough for me. 


Take the plunge and challenge and try this amazing new technology in Ketones with me.  I love the taste and love that I can just add it to water.  No shakes and dirty blenders, much easier to make on the go. I drink two a day and stay consistent. 


Start today for a better you a healthier you....ask me how

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